Sun Devil Fitness Research Grant

The purpose of the Sun Devil Fitness Research Grant is to promote health and wellness at Arizona State University while simultaneously supporting innovative student research projects. Ideal SDFC Grant projects will have an immediate impact on student health and wellness at ASU, and will support the larger scientific community by contributing novel information to the research base.

The Sun Devil Fitness Research Grants is a pilot grant program funded by the Sun Devil Fitness Complex.

Specific research priorities include the following topics in the ASU student population:

  • Role of wellness coaching in overall health
  • Role of sitting time on vascular health
  • The impact of play on perceptions of health and wellness
  • Impact of calorie (menu or package) labeling on energy or sugar consumption
  • Role of supplements in student health
  • Impact of wellness advertising on student behavior
  • Influence of bike designation marking on perceptions of transportation (passive or active)
  • Influence of self-perception on physical activity and wellness
  • Impact of physical activity station (pull-ups, sit-ups, etc. in proximity to track/pool/other) on participation in physical activity
  • Impact of sleep deprivation on physical activity outcomes in college students
  • Physical inactivity time and its effect on cardiovascular health

The Sun Devil Fitness Research Grant Application is currently closed. Grant recipients will be announced in on March 1, 2016.

Selection Criteria

Proposals will be selected based on:

  • Merit of research focus
  • Methodology
  • Feasibility and timeliness
  • Appropriate budget
  • Direct impact on the Sun Devil Fitness Complex and Arizona State University


Candidates must be enrolled in a graduate program (at least one credit) at Arizona State University at the time of application and through the specified funding period.


Grant recipients are responsible for:

  • Completing the project within the given time frame.
  • Compliance with expenditure guidelines outlined below.
  • Presenting the Sun Devil Fitness Senior Staff with a final report on the outcomes of the project (directions for this report will be included with award notification).
  • Acknowledgement of support from the Sun Devil Fitness Complex in any public presentation or publication of results, as well as notifying the SDFC of any such meritorious occurrence.
  • Compliance with all ethical procedures according to Arizona State University‚Äôs Research Integrity and Assurance policies.
  • Serve as a grant reviewer during future SDFC grant application cycles.

Funding Criteria

Up to $2,000 is available for funding research during this initial pilot funding cycle to be allocated by Sun Devil Fitness Staff.

Acceptable Expenses

  • Subject incentives (cash or cash equivalent; maximum $20.00 per participant per study visit, not to exceed $100 to each participant)
  • Data collection equipment rental
  • Materials and/or supplies
  • Equipment purchase (with approval from SDFC Grant Staff)

Unacceptable Expenses

  • Transactions greater than or equal to $1,000
  • Tuition or remuneration of time spent on project
  • Conference Travel
  • Travel or related expenses
  • Salaries and wages for research assistants, ASU affiliates or employees

SDFC staff has the right to reject unreasonable budget requests or requests that contradict the SDFC mission of promoting healthy lifestyles, building communities, and enabling student success.

To contact Sun Devil Fitness Staff regarding the grant, please email