Intramural Sports


Intramural Sports (IM) offers members of the ASU Community the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports, on either a competitive or recreational level. Leagues and tournaments occur throughout the school year in numerous indoor and outdoor sports including flag football, tennis, volleyball, basketball, soccer, and softball. Intramurals are a great way to meet new people and build relationships.


The following are eligible participants in the intramural sports program:

  • Current ASU students, Secondary Students, Continuing Students, or non-ASU students paying full-time or part-time Sun Devil Fitness Complex fees.
  • You must a Sun Devil Fitness Complex Facility Membership.
  • ASU Alumni who have purchased a membership.

Each team captain and participant is responsible for verifying the eligibility of their team.

Roster Eligibility

  • To facilitate equitable access to physical recreation programs and recreational sports experiences for all participants, the following guidelines were developed:
  • In Competitive Leagues, a player may participate on one team in each sport league (Greek, Gold, and Maroon).  Thus, for example, one can play on one Men’s Greek team, one Men’s Gold team, one CoRec Maroon team and one CoRec Gold team in each sport, but cannot play on two Men’s Greek teams or two CoRec Gold teams.
  • Teams may not play ineligible players, even with the mutual agreement by both teams.
  • A player must appear on the official team roster to be eligible for playoffs. Rosters are frozen prior to the first playoff match.
  • Women may play in a men’s league provided that no comparable sport league was offered for women.

Player Eligibility

  • Members of Intercollegiate Athletic teams during the academic year are ineligible in their respective or associated sports.
  • Associated Sports are:

Basketball - 3 on 3 Basketball, Basketball Skills Challenge, 5v5 Basketball League, Preseason Basketball Tournaments
Volleyball - 2v2 and 4v4 Sand Volleyball, Volleyball League
Baseball/Fast Pitch Softball - Softball League
Football - Flag Football League, 4v4 Flag Football

  • Students who compete for a varsity team in one or more games or meets, and are dropped for any reason, are ineligible for the remainder of the year.
  •  Former ICA members may participate in intramural competition after their eligibility is complete.
  • Students receiving financial assistance for ICA, or for any other reason is determined ineligible for ICA, is also ineligible for that intramural sport.
  • Members of Sport Clubs are ELIGIBLE in their respective sport with the following restrictions:

The players must play in the highest division offered and their team roster may not have more than two (2) club players on it. For two-person sports, their roster may not have more than one (1) sport club player on it.  For individual events, club players are not allowed to participate. If a person is on a roster for that Sport Club in the current academic year, he/she is considered a Sport Club member for the entire academic year.

  • Former professional athletes (received monetary compensation for the sole purpose of participation in a sport) and varsity letter winners at 4–year and 2-year colleges and universities are eligible to participate in the highest level of competition only. No more than two (2) of these players may be on any one (1) intramural sports team.

Consequences for Ineligible Players:

A team using a player who does not meet eligibility requirements will forfeit all contests in which that player participated AND that player will not be allowed to continue to play in that sport.

During league play: Any team caught using an ineligible player(s) shall forfeit all games in which that player participated, and surrenders their right to compete in any playoff competition.

During playoffs or Tournament format: Any team caught using an ineligible player(s) shall forfeit the game immediately and the other team will be awarded a win and will advance.

Any person playing under an assumed name or ID number shall be barred from Intramural Competition during the remainder of the year and the team penalized with losses for all the games in which the violator participated.


Sports Divisions
Intramural competition is offered in three divisions:

  • Men’s: Teams are comprised of only male participants (women may participate provided that no comparable Women’s league was offered.)
  • Women’s: Teams are comprised of only female participants
  • CoRec: Teams are comprised of male and female players.  These sports will have a minimum of each gender required to have an eligible team.

Competition Levels
In selected sports, as determined by the number of projected entries, the following Competition Levels will be offered.

  • Competitive: High competition level within that sport, and are designed for participants with experience and skill and teams that want to win big. 
  • Recreational: This play emphasizes discovery of sport skills, cooperation between teammates and opponents and the basic joy of play. This level of play is designed for teams and players with less experience in this sport, or who are looking to get a better understanding of the game.  These leagues are more about having fun than winning big.

Sport Leagues
In the competitive league only, sport leagues are offered with different playoff tournaments for each league, with an All-University Champion at the end. (Please see Playoff Determination).

  • Greek: Open to students that are affiliated with IFC, MGC, NALFO, NPHC, and PAN.  These leagues are designed to be competitive and will be used to score Greek Cup points, if applicable.  
  • **Any team registered in this league must denote their organization in their team name (Alpha Delta Phi Black, Theta Delta Chi, etc.)
  • Gold: Often the highest competition level within that sport, and are designed for participants with experience and skill and teams that want to win big!  They also play at different times than "Maroon," to make our competitive divisions as accessible as possible.
  • Maroon: Still competitive levels of the sport, but are usually a step down from our "Gold" leagues.  They also play at different times than "Gold," to make our competitive divisions as accessible as possible.