Parking FAQ

Special parking arrangements have been worked out for the Sun Devil Kids' Camp participants. Below are some FAQ's parents/guardians need to know about parking for the Sun Devil Kids' Camp.

Where can I park while I drop off or pick up my child for the Sun Devil Kids' Camp?

Camp is held almost exclusively at the Polytechnic Sun Devil Fitness Complex (SDFC).  For registrations or quick drop-offs and pick-ups, we recommend families use Poly Red Lot 10; for families to stop and visit their children or longer stops at camp, we recommend families use Poly Lot 10 Visitor Parking.

  • Poly Red Lot 10 is located between the Student Union and SDFC, just east of the intersections of Texas Ave. and Tweet St. Parking spaces have been set aside for camp along the southeast side of lot 10 (along the retention basin and marked with signage) for up to 20 minutes.  Any parking over that amount may receive a citation.
  • Poly Lost 10 Visitor Parking is located just west of Red Lot 10.  It is two ($2) dollars per hour, payable at the pay station located in that lot next to the Student Union.  Please note that entry to this lot depends on availability; demands tends to be lower during the summer months but may increase due to other campus events.

What happens if I get a citation from ASU Police or ASU Parking and Transit Services?

To pay a citation: payment process and details can be found at
To appeal a citation: appeal process and information can be found at

Can you clarify the violations associated with the red curb parking and the yellow curb rules?

The Sun Devil Kids' Camp program is not responsible for any citations families receive while parking for the Sun Devil Kids' Camp.  The Sun Devil Kids' Camp and the Sun Devil Fitness Department cannot pay for a citation or appeal a citation on the behalf of Sun Devil Kids' Camp participants.  We urge all families to use the parking locations and timing provided to avoid citations.