Parking FAQs

Parking has always been a challenge for the Sun Devil Kids' Camp participants.  Below are some FAQ's parents and/or guardians need to know about parking for the Sun Devil Kids' Camp.

Where can I park while I drop off or pick up my child for the Sun Devil Kids' Camp?

On the corner of Apache and Normal there is a yellow curb in front of the entrance to the Sun Devil Kids' Camp (up to 3 cars only). This is only a 20 minute loading zone. Any parking over that amount may receive a citation.

Apache Parking Structure -Visitor Parking

  • Yellow curb parking may only be used during the camper drop off/pick up timeframe of 7-9 a.m. and 4-5:30 p.m. during Kids' Camp sessions. Parking and Transit Services (PTS) will allow up to a 20-minute grace period during these times. Parents will need to bring in their visitor ticket to be validated with a stamp by the Kids' Camp office.

  • Please note that entry to the lot depends on availability of the Visitor Parking Structure.  Demands tend to be lower during the summer months.

  • If parents/guardians park and exit outside of the times stated above, the regular hourly fee will be charged accordingly.

Lot 17 located on the south side of Apache and west of Normal is designated for visitor parking (labeled as #19 in map below) and can be used for drop off and pick up. Standard rates will apply ($2/hour).

Where can I NOT park while loading and unloading my children for the Sun Devil Kids' Camp?

Any red curb area.  This is an emergency lane violation.

Red curb loading area (where kids' camp vans and fire trucks are parked)

What happens if I get a citation from ASU Police or ASU Parking and Transit Services?

To pay a citation: payment process and details can be found at
To appeal a citation: appeal process and information can be found at

Can you clarify the violations associated with the red curb parking and the yellow curb rules?

Red Curb violations
CODE 17 Emergency Lane Violation. Parking in a no-parking area or red curb, drive or driveway designated for emergency or service vehicles including green curbs or red curbs at any time.$100-$250

Yellow curb violations
CODE 18 Loading Zone Violation. Parking in a loading zone (yellow curb) for any reason beyond the 20-minute time period (at any time).$30-$100

Please note that the fine amounts escalate for some violations as additional violations are incurred which is why you see a range for the citation amount.

The Sun Devil Kids' Camp program is not responsible for any citations families receive while parking for the Sun Devil Kids' Camp.  The Sun Devil Kids' Camp and the department of Campus Recreation cannot pay for a citation or appeal a citation on the behalf of Sun Devil Kids' Camp participants.