Team Challenge

Looking for an interactive approach to team-building? Request a Team Challenge.

What is Team Challenge?

Team Challenge is a team development opportunity that features activities designed to enhance teamwork, communication, collaboration, leadership, trust and more to groups, classes, organizations or departments. All Team Challenge programs are custom-made to fit your group's needs and include activities that promote critical-thinking, problem-solving and conflict-management skills, networking, sensitivity, and diversity.

Team Challenge Teaches:

  • Communication
  • Critical thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Collaboration
  • Reflection for real-life application

Team Challenge learning opportunities include:

  • Team Development 
    • Set intentions for the work that you do together
    • Discover effective ways to get tasks accomplished within a team.
    • Develop your next line of leaders and see what they can accomplish through effective delegation.
  • Communication Skills 
    • Learn to set clear objectives and measure performance.
    • Learn to ask for help and how much (or how little) communication there needs to be among co-workers.
    • Discover the importance of communicating ideas and experiences among the group to accomplish goals.
  • Boost Morale
    • Overcome obstacles together, helping the team‘s morale to soar.
    • Discover how having fun and accomplishing goals can be the best morale booster.
  •  Brainstorm Innovative Breakthroughs
    • Thinking outside of “the box”.
  • Manage Difficult Conversations
    • Learn how to understand dynamics in conflict and where you fit in as a mediator.
    • Discover how to break down communication barriers.
  •  Maintain A High Performance Team
    • Learn how motivating a positive attitude, commitment to the team, trust, and communication can lead to phenomenal results.
  • Manage Communication and Resolve Conflict 
    • Assess how each team member approaches their work and what that means for reducing conflict and increasing cooperation.
    • Learn a feedback strategy that motivates co-workers to thank you for your insights.
    • Find productive ways to deal with differences that helps us to move beyond our disagreements. 

Request a Team Challenge program!

  • ASU students, staff and affiliates can reserve Team Challenge programs at NO COST.
  • Non-members/affiliates will be determined upon request.