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Have a group of people that need to learn to work better together? Looking for a fun and interactive approach to team building? Try a Sun Devil Fitness team challenge!

What is Team Challenge?

Team Challenge is a team building program that features fun activities designed to enhance teamwork, communication, collaboration, leadership, trust and more to groups, classes, organizations or departments. The activities promote critical-thinking, problem-solving and conflict-management skills, networking, sensitivity, and diversity, and are just plain fun!

Activities are tailored to fit your group's specific needs.

Team Challenge

Programs offered by Team Challenge:

Traditional Team Challenge: A perfect and fun fit for groups less than 50 to get to know each other and get engaged on a deeper level. This option allows for deep discussion of activities and a heavy component focused on helping groups grow, communicate, and function effectively through in depth activities and discussions. 

Recreational Team Challenge: A great option for large groups who just want to have fun! This engages participants in a fun and active environment. Great to get your group up and moving while still developing team skills. We can add an open recreation option to this so your group can go play with what they want, how they want but still be in a safe and welcoming environment. 

Conference/Retreat Services: If your team wishes to use our facilities for a training or workshop we can help accommodate.  In addition to the team challenge program our team will help groups reserve the space needed.  If requested, we can collaborate with our Group Wellness teams to provide additional activities such as yoga, breathing exercises, Zumba, health, nutrition, and much more!  We can also provide tours of our facilities and information about all that the SDFC has to offer that might meet the needs of your team!

Team Building Presentations: Our group will present to audience members, giving them tools and activities to engage participants and equip them with knowledge on group functions. These presentations are available by request. 

Wellness activities: Partnering with our fitness and wellness teams, we can provide 15-60 minute sessions of wellness activities to include as part of your Team Challenge or Conference/Retreat. From services like yoga, breathing exercises, Zumba, health, nutrition, and much more, we can fit the needs of your group and provide them with a one of a kind experience!

Team Challenge Teaches:

  • Critical thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Collaboration
  • Networking
  • Reflections for real-life application

Team Challenge Facilitators:

  • Are certified in CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer and First Aid through the American Red Cross.
  • Always encourage participation. We offer "challenge by choice" for all activities.
  • Are properly trained.

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