SDS Executive Board

Defining Sun Devil Sport Clubs (SDS)

In 2005, the Arizona State University sun devil sport clubs (formerly Sport Club Association) became the governing body for all sport clubs registered with Sun Devil Fitness. Sun Devil Sports is a community of students, faculty advisors and coaches that work together to provide outstanding recreational sports experiences for ASU students. Working together, they can accomplish much more than they can individually.

The Goals of Sun Devil Sports:
1. To increase support for all clubs
2. To raise awareness of club activities and achievements
3. To build community among sport clubs

SDS Executive Board

To help accomplish these goals, the SDS created an executive board to work with the sport clubs staff. The executive board is charged with creating objectives and plans to achieve SDS goals. In essence, the executive board is the administrative and judicial branch of the sport clubs program.

Responsibilities include:
1) Vote on admitting clubs to Sun Devil Sports.
2) Develop and oversee the SDS budget.
3) Develop and promote SDS social functions.
4) Develop fundraising opportunities for the SDS.
5) Develop ways to increase participation and communication between all sport clubs.
6) Serve as the appeals board for sanctions handed down from sport clubs staff.
7) Advise the sport clubs staff on policy development and implementation.

Sun Devil Sport Club Executive Board 

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Alexander Richardson


Chris Lacayo


Lauren McDonald

Involvement Coordinator

Rachel Schauer

Involvement Coordinator

Katie Dunphy


Tier Structure

The tier system is in place to assist the sport club administration with managing a dynamic sport club program, as well as to establish clear expectations for each club and clearly define what the sport club administration shall provide to each club. This tier system helps guide sport clubs in understanding what the university requires of them, as well as leveraging their place within the university.

The system consists of five tiers: Gold, Maroon, Sparky, Recreational and Emerging. The system combines a variety of different department policies, including roster management, access to practice space on campus, risk management, leadership development and university initiatives.

It is important to note that this system is not in place to serve as a status system or to designate which clubs are more or less important; regardless of tier, all clubs shall be treated equitably. This system is in place to assist each club with self-selecting, based on the desire of the club’s membership, the tier that they choose to be in and to clearly identify the expectations of the individual club. The decision to self-select a tier is completely up to the club and the club membership.

Once the club chooses its tier, the SDS Executive Board will review the tier application and place the club in the appropriate tier, based on criteria met. Tier placement for current school year is based on the previous year’s application.

2014 – 2015 Tier Placement