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Equipment Rental

The Sun Devil Fitness Complex supports fitness and sports activities by offering free equipment checkout to students and members. Please contact your campus SDFC for equipment availability.

Equipment Rental Policies      

  1. You must have a valid photo ID to check out equipment. Your ID is scanned and returned to you.
  2. All equipment is free of charge (except outdoor backpacks, which can be rented, and pro shop items, which can be purchased).
  3. You may only check out enough equipment to play the sport in which you are participating (e.g., one football, two racquets, etc.).
  4. Any equipment checked out under your account becomes your responsibility and must be returned by you.
  5. It is the responsibility of the patron to inspect equipment being checked out for any previous damage.
  6. Any damage incurred beyond normal wear and tear (e.g., bent or broken racquets) will be assessed a replacement fee. Damage is assessed upon the return of the equipment to the Sun Devil Fitness Complex.
  7. All equipment checked out or rented on a daily basis must be returned 30 minutes before closing time.
  8. All late, lost or damaged equipment is subject to a fine.
  9. Guests of the Sun Devil Fitness Complex do not have the ability to check out equipment.

Looking to rent Lawn Games and Equipment for a Special Event?

Polytechnic Event Equipment Rental Form

Tempe Event Equipment Rental Form

West Valley Event Equipment Rental Form


For the convenience of our guests, the equipment room at the Sun Devil Fitness Complex offers several commonly used items for sale. These items will be yours to keep for your own personal use.


Recreation Cost
Lifting Straps $7.00
Ping Pong Balls $3.00
Racquetballs $5.00
Racquetball Goggles $9.00
Shuttlecocks $10.00
Squash Balls $5.00
Swim Caps $5.00
Swim Goggles $5.00 or $18.00
Yoga Mats $13.00


Toiletries Cost
Comb $0.50
Conditioner $1.00
Deodorant $1.00
Hand Sanitizer $2.00
Loofa $2.00
Shampoo $1.00
Sunscreen $2.50
Soap $0.50
Toothbrush $0.50
Toothpaste $0.50


Miscellaneous Cost
9 Volt Battery $2.00
AAA Batteries $2.00
AA Batteries $2.00
Lock $6.00
Athletic Tap $3.00
Headphones $10.00


Questions should be directed to the following:
SDFC Downtown Phoenix: Information Desk 602-496-7789
SDFC Polytechnic: Information Desk 480-727-1313 
SDFC Tempe: Information Desk 480-727-7802
SDFC West Valley: Information Desk at 602-543-3488