Resources for Intramural Participants

The Sun Devil Intramural Sports Handbook contains all the important information that captains and participants should know to have a successful tournament.

How to Sign Up and Register for Intramural Sports

How to Sign Up and Register for Intramural Sports

STEP 1 - Get an Intramural Membership

$25 – unlimited intramural participation for both the Fall and Spring semesters

$15 – unlimited intramural participation for one semester

 To get your Intramural Membership, you may

  1. Visit any SDFC front desk or intramural desk to make your payment OR
  2. Purchase online at OR
  3. See below if you qualify for a University Partnership and free membership

University Partnerships

Sun Devil Intramurals has a partnership with the departments listed below which includes those departments covering the intramural membership fee for their students. That means FREE intramurals for those students! 

University Housing

All students living in an on-campus Residential College. 

W.P. Carey School of Business

All students enrolled/accepted into the W.P. Carey School of Business. 

Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering

All undergraduate students enrolled/accepted into the Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering. 

EOSS Students

All students that are currently employed through EOSS 

Good news! You already have your membership for the upcoming semester! Please proceed to step 2 if you qualify as one of the above members.


STEP 2 - Create an account on IMLeagues

Only ASU students, faculty, or staff who have purchased an Intramural Membership are able to register or join a team.

 To create a personal IMLeagues account:

  1. Visit
  2. Click "Create Account." If you choose to register through Facebook, please login and allow access to your account.
  3. Fill in the remaining information for your account.
  4. Click "Sign-Up." You will need to verify your account with an email sent to you from IMLeagues and then your account will be active. You cannot do anything on the site without this verification.


STEP 3 - Create a Team and Join a League:

 To register a team for an intramural sport:

  1. Create a personal account on (see above).
  2. Create a team for the desired sport (see below).
  3. Ensure all members of your team have an Intramurals Membership.
  4. Move your team into your desired division on IMLeagues. 

To create a team for your desired sport:

  1. Log into your IMLeagues account.
  2. Click on any of the “ASU” logos to go to the ASU homepage on IMLeagues.
  3. Click your desired sport and league from the sports displayed and “+Create team.”
  4. Agree to sport waiver and fill in your team information as prompted. Submit your team.
  5. Attend any necessary captains’ meetings. 

To join a team

If you do not already have an online account, create a personal account on (see above).

  1. Accept a request from the captain to join his/her team through email or on IMLeagues.
  2. Find the team and captain name on division/league page and request to join.
  3. Go to the captain's playercard page, view his/her team, and request to join. 

For all methods, you will need to agree to several waivers by initialing, as well as enter your ASU ID and phone number before your request will be processed. 

Receiving an error message? First make sure you have followed all of the steps above, especially purchasing your intramural membership. If still receiving an error, please contact us directly by following the contact information at the end of this handbook. DO NOT do an ID Request on IMLeagues, as it will not fix anything.

Team Captain Responsibilities and Tips

Team Captain Responsibilities and Tips

The success of the Intramural Sports Program depends on the leadership of the Team Captain, since the program could not function without an individual to organize interested participants into teams. The team captain has an extremely important role as the liaison between the Intramural Staff and the members of a team.

Communication is a key success factor. The Team Captain must remain in contact, throughout the season, with the Intramural Staff. The Team Captain must make sure of the correct time and date each event takes place, and inform the team/organization of the policies and procedures of the Intramural Sports Program.

Please follow the list below to make sure you have a successful time while playing intramurals:

  2. The Intramural Staff WILL NOT Add or Remove players from your roster, unless specifically requested by you and under certain circumstances.
  3. All roster changes (additions and subtractions) must be completed by 12:00pm on the day of your game. If your team plays on Sunday, all roster adjustments must be completed by Friday at 12:00pm.
  4. IMLeagues will timestamp all roster activity.
  5. All competitive league teams that finish the regular season with a winning percentage of .500 or above will be invited to participate in playoffs. All playoff rosters will be frozen at 12:00pm on the day of the first playoff match.
  6. All Recreational leagues get an extra regular season game (five in total), but do not participate in playoffs.
  7. Complete the required captains quiz (will be prompted before able to create a team), and ensure teammates are responsible for all information, such as:
  • Rules specific to that intramural sport
  • Intramural policies and procedures
  • Schedules, etc.
  • The team captain must also accept responsibility for the actions of all team members and supporters and maintain a cooperative attitude with all intramural officials and supervisors. This includes responsibility for your team’s fans.
  • Nine Captain’s Tips

    1. Know the policies and procedures of the intramural program so you and your team do not get surprised at your first game or when playoffs come around.
    2. Understand the Team Sportsmanship Policy and Ejection Policy and how they pertain to your roster eligibility and playoff eligibility. 
    3. Keep a line of open communication with the Intramural Program. (including giving correct phone number and email address).
    4. Know how to add and drop players from your team. See the ‘Roster Management’ section below.
    5. Make sure everyone has a photo ID at each and every game. NO ID NO PLAY. And no, pulling up Facebook on your phone is not a form of ID.
    6. Understand the forfeit policy. 
    7. If needed, know the proper procedure on how to protest.
    8. Don’t have enough players? Send us an email at and we might be able to help. The longer notice you give us, the better chance of us being able to assist. You also can also see which players have listed themselves as free agents in your league/division by going to your captain’s page. You are welcome to reach out to those individuals from there.
    9. HAVE FUN!!!! This is not the NBA or the NFL, go out there and do your best and if you don’t win, you can always get ‘em next week!

    Roster Management

    Roster Management


    • You will be responsible for creating AND managing your team roster.
    • Rosters are managed entirely through IMLeagues. There are two ways to add players:
    1. Captain’s can invite players to join their team by clicking on the link on the left-hand side of the team profile. Captains only need to enter their desired players’ email addresses, to which IMLeagues will send an invitation to join the team. The invited participants can then follow a link in the email to create an account and accept the team invitation.
    2. Individual players can request to join a team. In order to do this, participants must first create an account on IMLeagues, then click on the “Request to join team” link on the left-hand side of the team they wish to join. Team captains can then choose to accept or deny the request; players are not on the roster until the captain does this.
    • ALL rosters are printed at 12pm on the day of your games. Roster additions made after this time will not be applicable to that night’s game, unless verified electronically by an Intramural Supervisor or Manager on site. Supervisors and Managers do NOT give priority to this task on a nightly basis, so it should be treated not as an expectation but rather as a bonus, assuming it can be accommodated. 

    Free Agents

    Free Agents

    There are two best methods for getting on a team for a given sport.

    • Many sports have teams created already that you can join. Go to and find the “league” titled “Free Agents SIGN UP HERE.” From there, you can click on the sport you want and request to join that “team.” A Sun Devil Intramurals representative will reach out to you from there and provide you further details (please allow several days for us to contact you before you reach out to us). We will likely place you on a team with other free agents. 

    • List yourself as a free agent on IMLeagues. You can show as a “Free Agent” in as many divisions within a league as you’d like (use the player-sign up drop-down menu on the top right of every page on IMLeagues). You can request to join teams or post information about yourself so teams can request to add you to their team. 

    Levels of Play

    Levels of Play

    • A-League is the pinnacle of competition at ASU. It's for those that want to claim that they were truly the best.
    • These leagues include post-season playoffs and a championship game.
    • Teams at this level are subject to play at multiple campuses.
    • Teams that play in this league are often comprised of several or more players that played the sport in high school or beyond.
    • Players cannot play in BOTH the highest level AND the lowest level of leagues offered for a given sport. For example, a player cannot participate in both a Men’s A and a Men’s C League for Flag Football. Exception – if only two leagues are offered for a sport – for example, CoRec A and CoRec B – a player may play in both of those leagues.
    • The B-League skill level is for participants who like to compete and play hard, but don't believe their skills are the absolute best on campus.
    • These leagues include post-season playoffs and a championship game.
    • Teams at this level are subject to play at multiple campuses.
    • Teams in this league are often comprised of a couple of players that played the sport in high school or beyond, but also have a mixture of less experienced players.
    • The C-League skill level is for participants who like a mixture of competitiveness and recreational styles of play.
    • These leagues include post-season playoffs and a championship game.
    • Teams at this level are subject to play at multiple campuses.
    • Teams in this league are often comprised of little to no players that played the sport in high school or beyond, but have a mixture of less experienced players and recreational level players.
    • Players cannot play in BOTH the highest level AND the lowest level of leagues offered for a given sport. For example, a player cannot participate in both a Men’s A and a Men’s C League for Flag Football. Exception – if only two leagues are offered for a sport – for example, CoRec A and CoRec B – a player may play in both of those leagues.
    • Greek Leagues are open to students that are affiliated with IFC, MGC, NALFO, NPHC and PAN. These leagues are designed to be competitive in nature, but many Fraternities and Sororities register multiple teams, including B and C level teams.
    • This league includes post-season playoffs and a championship game.

    League Formats

    League Formats

    • Teams are composed of only male participants.
    • Women may participate only if no comparable Women’s league is being offered.
    • Teams are composed of only female participants.
    • Teams are composed of both male and female players.
    • These sports have a minimum requirement for each gender to have an eligible team.
    • Depending on the sport, games are sometimes played with gender-specific rules.
    • No player in open leagues is asked to identify as male, female, or otherwise.
    • These sports have no minimum gender requirement for eligible teams.
    • Games are played entirely without gender-specific rules.

    Participant Eligibility

    Participant Eligibility

    The following are eligible participants in the intramural sports program:

    • All current ASU-Tempe students, secondary students, and continuing students
    • All Faculty/Staff or Secondary Faculty/Staff who have purchased a Sun Devil Fitness Complex membership. 

    Each team captain and participant is responsible for verifying the eligibility of their team.

    As of the Fall 2017 Intramural season, the following are NOT eligible for participation in the intramural sports program: 

    • All Alumni who have purchased a Sun Devil Fitness Complex membership.
    • Any person who has purchased an SDFC membership.
    • Any other person that does not fit the above criteria making them an eligible participant.

    Roster Eligibility 

    To facilitate equitable access to physical recreation programs and recreational sports experiences for all participants, the following guidelines were developed:

    1. Teams may not play ineligible players, even with the mutual agreement by both teams.
    2. A player must appear on the official team roster to be eligible for playoffs. Rosters are frozen prior to the first playoff match.
    3. Women may play in a men’s league provided that no comparable sport league was offered for women.

    Player Eligibility 

    To facilitate equitable access to physical recreation programs and recreational sports experiences for all participants, the following guidelines were developed:

      1. Members of Intercollegiate Athletic teams during the academic year are ineligible in their respective or associated sports.

    Associated Sports are:

    Basketball - 3 on 3 Basketball, Basketball Skills Challenge, 5v5 Basketball League, Pre-Season Basketball
    Volleyball - 2v2 and 4v4 Sand Volleyball, Volleyball League
    Baseball/Fast Pitch
    Softball - Softball League
    Football – 7v7 Flag Football and 4v4 Flag Football
    Soccer – 7v7 Soccer and 6v6 Indoor Soccer

      1. Students who compete for a varsity team in one or more games or meets, and are dropped for any reason, are ineligible for the remainder of the year.
      2. Former ICA members may participate in intramural competition after their eligibility is complete.
      3. Students receiving financial assistance for ICA, or for any other reason is determined ineligible for ICA, is also ineligible for that intramural sport.
      4. Members of Sport Clubs are ELIGIBLE in their respective sport with the following restrictions: The players must play in the highest division offered and their team roster may not have more than two (2) club players on it. For Dual Sports, their team roster may not have more than one (1) club player on it. For Individual sports, no sport club players may participate. 
        • If a person is on the roster for that Sport Club in the current academic year, he/she is considered a Sport Club member.
        • A person is considered officially on a Sport Club roster once he or she appears on the Do Sports Easy roster for that particular club
        1. Former professional athletes (received monetary compensation for the sole purpose of participation in a sport) and varsity letter winners at 4–year and 2-year colleges and universities are eligible to participate in the highest level of competition only in their non-dominant sport. No more than two (2) of these players may be on any one (1) intramural sports team. Current members of a varsity practice squad are eligible to participate in the highest level of competition. No more than two (2) of these players may be on any one (1) intramural sports team in their respective sport. 

        Consequences for Ineligible Players 

          1. A team using a player who does not meet eligibility requirements will forfeit all contests in which that player participated* AND that player will not be allowed to continue to play in that sport.
          2. During league play: Any team caught using an ineligible player(s) shall forfeit all games in which that player participated*, and surrenders their right to compete in any playoff competition.
          3. During playoffs or Tourney format: Any team caught using an ineligible player(s) shall forfeit the game immediately and the other team will be rewarded a win and will advance.
          4. Any person playing under an assumed name or ID number shall be ejected from Intramural Competition and will be required to setup a meeting with the Intramural Advisory Committee.

         *A player is considered to have participated in an event, game, match, etc. once he or she signs in. It does not matter whether that player ever actually enters the game, match, or event or remains on the sidelines or bench.

        Policies and Procedures

        Policies and Procedures


        All participants MUST present a valid photo ID to be eligible to participate in ALL intramural sports. Before each game, each player shall present his/her photo ID card to the scorekeeper. The scorekeeper shall check all player’s photo ID’s simultaneously on the field/court in full view of both team’s captains. Any player arriving after the game/match has started shall present their photo ID to the scorekeeper before entering the game. 


        Refunds will only be given under the following circumstances:

        • Participant never signs in for an Intramural game
        • Participant provides a valid reason to the Intramural office for why he or she never participated in a game
        • Refunds will NOT be given for reasons such as injuries sustained in Intramural play, extenuating circumstances, etc. 

        League Play 

        • All Competitive or Greek leagues will consist of four games in the regular season.
        • All teams finishing with a record of .500 or above will advance to the playoffs, presuming they also achieve a sufficient sportsmanship rating. Any team who has incurred a forfeit will need to pay their forfeit fee in order to advance to playoffs. 
        • A playoff “bracket selection” process will be held at the end of each regular season. This is essentially a fair way for each team to pick their spot in the bracket and to try to schedule a day/time that works best for their team. Specific information pertaining to the bracket selection is emailed out prior to the playoffs for each given sport
        • Recreational leagues do not have playoffs; however, they are scheduled one extra (five in total) regular season game. 

        Scheduling, Rescheduling, and Conflicts 

        The Intramural Program is willing to cooperate when extraordinary circumstances necessitate an occasional rescheduling or canceling of a game. However, due to the increasing number of entries and limited playing spaces, reschedules must be kept to a minimum. There are two ways to avoid forfeits. If it is absolutely necessary to cancel a scheduled intramural game, a team can:

        1. Notify the Intramural Office (see campus specific office hours of operation) by noon of the day of their scheduled game. A team that cancels a game will remain in the league; however, a loss (DEFAULT) will be recorded. NOTE: The office must be notified by noon Friday for games scheduled Saturday or Sunday. 
        2. escheduling may be made only by agreement of both teams and the Intramural Office, and if there is time convenient to all three parties for the rescheduling. If all three parties cannot agree on a new time, the originally scheduled time for the contest will stand. It is suggested that arrangements should be made at least two working days (48 hours) in advance of the originally scheduled game time. 

        Rainout Hotline                                                                     (480) 727-6110

         In the case of rain, otherwise inclement weather, or unplayable field conditions, participants should call the rainout hotline on the day of their game.

         It is advised that participants check regularly if they anticipate any doubt at all in the playability of their game, including calling to check for updates prior to departing for their game. 

        The Intramural Sports Office will not guarantee that an email will be sent out in the case of cancellations, so this is the only sure-fired and guaranteed means of receiving this communication.


         The team captain has the responsibility of notifying all team members of the day/date/time and location of all scheduled events. Forfeits are to be avoided at all costs. Forfeits are detrimental to the program and to a team’s participants. The scheduling of each Intramural game/activity/event requires making arrangements for the facility, the personnel, and the equipment as well as the participants. 

         The following procedure will be observed with regard to forfeits at the fields/courts on a nightly basis:

        1. If a team does not have the minimum number of players to start the game at the scheduled game time, they will then be given 10 minutes to obtain the correct number before the game is declared a forfeit. Example: if your game is at 6pm and your team is not ready to play, you will be given until 6:10pm.
        2. If, at any time during the 10-minute forfeit period, the team reaches the minimum number of players needed, they will be allowed to play, but the late team will lose all protest and appeals privileges and lose all choice of options to start the game. The game time will also be reduced by the number of minutes late for the game.
        3. If the team does not have the minimum number of players after the 10-minute extension, the captain of the prepared team will be given two options: take the win by default or give the opposing team an additional 5 minutes to arrive. If the captain of the prepared team chooses to take the win by default, the decision may not be changed. If the captain of the prepared team decides to play the game, the captain of the prepared team must accept the results of the game.
        4. If, at any time during the additional 5 minutes, the team reaches the minimum number of players needed, they will be allowed to play, but the late team will lose all protest and appeals privileges and lose all choice of options to start the game. The game time will also be reduced by the number of minutes late for the game.
        5. If after the additional 5 minutes the team is still not ready to play then the game shall be ruled a forfeit.
        • If a team forfeits, each team member that failed to check in for that game, but is listed on the current active team roster, will be charged an INDIVIDUAL forfeit fee of $5.
          • That forfeit fee must be paid prior to noon on the day of that individual’s next scheduled game in order for him or her to participate.
          • Fees can be paid at any SDFC front desk during normal business or operating ours (please see contact information and hours below for more information)
          • Individual forfeits and suspensions apply to ALL teams that individual plays on, not just the sport for which he or she forfeited the game
        • If a team forfeits a second time, then the team will be dropped from the league
        • If an individual registers a team for a league, he or she has until a specific date (i.e. the following Thursday at noon) to meet the minimum roster requirement for that sport. If the team fails to meet the minimum roster requirement by the stated deadline, that team is liable to:
        1. Be deleted entirely by the Intramural office at its’ discretion OR
        2. Be placed in a division that best suits the Intramural office, which could lead to a time that doesn’t work for your team (and could lead to forfeits and other associated fees)
        • Once the official schedule is posted, any team that then asks to withdraw from the league is subject to forfeit fees for each individual present on that team roster. Withdrawing from a league is viewed as a forfeit rather than a default, regardless of whether or not the office was notified.


        Protests may be filed for two reasons:

        1. The misapplication of a playing rule.

          NOTE: An official’s judgment cannot be protested.

        2. Participant Eligibility

        Protests will be handled in the following manner:

        1.  Protest must be brought to the attention of the official or IM Supervisor. These questions will be handled on the field by the officials. The officials may meet with the IM Supervisor on duty to determine the ruling. Once this decision has been made, the game will proceed under the given ruling.
        2. If the team is not satisfied with this ruling, the team captain must notify the head official and IM Supervisor that the game is being played “under protest”. This indicates the team wishes to appeal the decision to the Intramural Professional Staff. 
        3. At the time of protest, the official must summon the supervisor to the field/court and must write up a Protest Report. This report will include time remaining in the game, score, and interpretation of the protest. If a Protest Report is not filled out, the protest consideration cannot be granted.
        4. Protests MUST be completed prior to the next batter, timeout, play, etc. (depending on the sport). I.e. a team cannot decide in the fourth quarter of a flag football game that they want to protest a play from the first quarter of that same game. 

        NOTE: The procedure, as stated above, must be adhered to in order for a protest to be valid.


        Participation in Intramurals is on a voluntary basis. All IM Participants play at their own risk. The University is not responsible for injuries sustained while participating in any of the programs. It is highly recommended that each person obtains their own health/accident insurance. Medical or ambulance expenses incurred by a participant will not be paid by Arizona State University. Student Health Insurance is available from the Student Health Center. For more information, contact Student Health at 965-3346.

        Uniforms, Attire, and Team Name Rules

        Uniforms, Attire, and Team Name Rules

        Uniforms and Attire 

        All recommendations and requirements of proper attire are for the safety of the participants, and the enhancement of the games. 

        • ONLY gym shoes allowed in the gyms.
        • All participants must wear athletic type shoes.
        • No open-toed sandals; no bare feet, no socks.
        • Cleats must have all-rubber soles. Absolutely no metal cleats.
        • ABSOLUETLY NO JEWELRY OF ANY KIND, including for religious reasons. 


        • Team may wear their own created uniform if it clearly differentiates them from their opponent. 
        • Due to the color of our official’s uniforms, teams may not wear light blue.
        • Colored jerseys will be provided for all teams who do not have their own uniform, as well as those teams that have players that arrive to their game in light blue clothing. 

        Team Names 

        Intramural captains are encouraged to give their teams funny, clever, and creative names. However, those team names must be clean and in good taste. The Intramural office reserves the right to change any team name at its discretion, and corresponding disciplinary action is subject to be taken on those in violation of this policy.



        Championship T-Shirts

        • Intramural Championship T-shirts will be given as awards for the Champions in every intramural activity offered throughout the academic school year. The t-shirts will be handed out at the site the night of the championship contest. A team will only receive t-shirts for those players who are listed on the official playoff roster.

        Team Sportsmanship Rating

        Team Sportsmanship Rating


        All players, coaches, and fans that attend or participate in Intramural activities are subject to helping or hindering a team’s sportsmanship rating. Individuals and teams who are unable to conduct themselves in a respectful manner will not be invited to the playoffs, as teams must maintain a 3 average to be eligible for playoffs. 


        At the end of each competition, staff will assign a sportsmanship rating based on the team's behavior throughout the game. The captain then signs the scorecard verifying the score is correct and accepting their sportsmanship rating.


        (4) ABOVE AVERAGE: A high level of sportsmanship, respect, and civility is consistently shown to opponents, teammates, staff, spectators, facilities, and equipment at all times; winning a game by default or forfeit. 

        (3) AVERAGE: No incidents of poor sportsmanship or only a minor infraction, which the captain effectively addresses; properly defaulting a game in a timely manner. 

        (2) BELOW AVERAGE: Examples include but are not limited to swearing, disrespect toward opponents, staff, or spectators, consistently arguing officials’ calls, one ejected player/spectator and that player/spectator was the only problem 

        (1) UNACCEPTABLE: Examples include multiple players/spectators ejected, fighting, abusive language, verbal or physical threatening to anyone, any behavior resulting in the contest being called to a stop by intramural staff; forfeiting a game. 


        In order to ensure a fun, safe environment for all to enjoy. 

        ** Teams are responsible for any coaches or spectators at their contest and these coaches and/or spectators influence the sportsmanship rating **

        Ejection Policy and Misconduct

        Ejection Policy and Misconduct

        Any player that is ejected from an Intramural Sports game or activity must leave the premises before play can be continued. Additionally, that individual is immediately and indefinitely suspended from all teams that he or she participates on. In order to be reinstated, a player must: 

        1. Email to set up a reinstatement meeting (responses are not guaranteed under any certain timeframe, so please be patient).
        2. Attend said meeting and discuss with committee member the extent of the ejection
        3. Receive further suspension or other action as deemed necessary 

        The Intramural office reserves the right to enact whatever punishment it finds suitable for all ejections or incidents. Intramural participation is a privilege, not a right. Often times, players are immediately reinstated for infractions that are minor in nature. In other instances, players have received yearly suspensions or even lifetime bans. 

        Misconduct by intramural staff 

        When participants experience displays of conduct by Intramural Sports employees that are inconsistent with the philosophy stated above, the following procedure should be followed:

        • Contact Intramural Sports Administration the next business day to formally file a complaint.
        • Fill out an incident report form detailing the allegation. 

        All incidents that are serious in nature will be forwarded to Student Rights and Responsibilities for possible further disciplinary action.

        Alcohol, Drug, and Tobacco Policy

        Alcohol, Drug, and Tobacco Policy

        No alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, or tobacco products may be consumed/used prior to or while using Sun Devil Fitness Complex fields, courts, or other facilities. Students will be held accountable for their actions at Intramural programs both through their team (sportsmanship rating, suspensions, ejections, etc.) and through the University. Should any person be in violation of the above rules, SDFC employees reserve the right to call ASU PD for assistance at any time.

        All incidents that are serious in nature will be forwarded to Student Rights and Responsibilities for possible further disciplinary action.

        Contact Information

        Contact Information

        Downtown Phoenix

        Intramurals Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
        Intramurals Office Phone: 602-496-7790


        Front Desk Hours: Monday – Friday, 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.; Saturday, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.; Sunday, noon to 11 p.m.
        Front Desk Phone: 480-727-1313


        Intramurals Office Hours (Information Desk, 2nd Floor of SDFC): Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
        Intramurals Desk Phone: 480-965-8900


        Front Desk Hours: Monday – Friday, 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.; Saturday 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.; Sunday, noon to 11 p.m.
        Front Desk Phone: 602-543-3488

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