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Joining a sport club is one of the best things you can do to get the most out of your student experience at Arizona State University.


  • Participation in Sun Devil Sport Clubs is open to all students (undergraduate and graduate) of Arizona State University, enrolled at least half-time (6 credits for undergraduate students; 3 credits for graduate students) and pursuing a degree at ASU. However, some club’s governing bodies have additional requirements that the participant must follow.
  • All experience levels welcome. Please note that some clubs may require you to acquire a minimum skill or fitness level before you are allowed to fully participate in all club activities.
  • Ensure you have health insurance before joining a sport club. Visit ASU Health Services for more information on ASU health insurance options.
  • Become a member of the SDFC. Currently enrolled on-campus ASU students are automatic members. ASU online students must purchase the “Non-fee Paying ASU Students” membership for $100 per semester. Please contact the Sun Devil Sport Clubs at for more information.
  • Contact the club you’re interested in to learn about club-specific requirements.
  • All students interested in joining a sport club must complete the Sport Clubs Participant Waiver prior to initial participation and/or trying out the club. Students must complete a separate waiver for each club they wish to join. Anyone younger than 18 will need to fill out the Sport Clubs Minor Participant Waiver and the waiver must be signed by a parent/guardian prior to initial participation/tryout.
  • Each student has 14 calendar days to try-out a club. Once you are ready to join, review the information below and complete the registration process.

How to Schedule an appointment: 

  • Please schedule an appointment through Health Services, this can be done from the  ASU Patient Portal.
  •  Additionally, the Sports Physical forms must be completed PRIOR to your appointment. View the Health Form

The DoSportsEasy registration and health requirements must be completed within 14 calendar days from the date of initial participation/tryout. The student is not allowed to participate in club-related activities after the two-week tryout period is over if the student has not completed their DoSportsEasy registration and health requirements (if required).

  • Step 1: Register on DoSportsEasy
    • Go to the Sun Devil Sports Clubs page, select the club you want to join, and click Registration. Please complete all required fields and upload the necessary documents
  • Step 2: Pay the Sports Club Membership Fee
    • You can pay for the Sports Club Membership fee online or in person at the SDFC-Tempe admin desk. On-campus club members will have to pay $25 per semester. Off-campus club members will have to pay $25 per school year.
  • Step 3: Complete Health Tests (if required)
    • Some clubs are required to complete certain health tests such as:
      • P (physical test) – completed once a year
      • I (impact concussion test) – completed once to get a baseline score and then anytime a concussion has occurred
      • S (sickle cell test) – complete one time only.
    • List of sports that require health testing:

      • Cycling – S

      • Dragonboat – S

      • Ice Hockey – P, I

      • Lacrosse – P, I, S

      • Quidditch – S

      • Roller Hockey – S

      • Rowing – S

      • Rugby – P, I, S

      • Soccer – P, I, S

      • Triathlon – S

      • Ultimate Frisbee – P, I, S

      • Cheer/Stunt - P, I

      • Basketball – P, I, S

      • Gymnastics – P, I

      • Taekwondo – P, I
        *Sickle and Impact Tests are only done once, not yearly.