Fitness Programs

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Squad Up

Personalized classes, workshops, information sessions, tours, how-to’s, etc. for your organization. Personal trainers, yoga instructors, group fitness instructors or nutritionists will create unique material and information for your group.

Group Fitness

The group fitness program offers a combination of exercise classes to meet all your needs. Instructors have the certifications and training to teach safe and motivating classes, and inspire participants to stay active. Joining group fitness will provide a supportive environment while having fun with the motivation of a group setting.

Group Training

Enjoy the benefits of personal training combined with the motivation that comes from being part of a team! This program is taught by personal trainers and group fitness instructors. Get the best of both worlds by participating in our group training program. You will receive more individualized instruction with the motivation of a small group.

Personal Training

The personal training program provides students, faculty and staff at all ASU locations with the motivation, education, guidance and individual instruction required to achieve their personal fitness goals. Sun Devil Fitness personal trainers are nationally certified and will design a tailored exercise program for each individual. Trainers will work with clients to create a program, based on fitness level and experience that will help meet the client’s goals and deliver results!

Instructional Programs

Your Workout, Your Way

Instructional classes and workshops are technique-based, hands-on training opportunities for participants to either learn or develop a new skill, or enhance existing skills and interests. Sun Devil Fitness provides a variety of diverse classes that focus on a healthy and active lifestyle, and fostering a sense of community.

Classes range from martial arts to Pilates, and provide progressive instruction from certified and well-trained instructors. If you’re looking to participate in some unique and non-traditional activities, Sun Devil Fitness offers some quality and fun programs just for you!

Fitness and Nutrition Assessments

Getting a fitness assessment is a great way to understand your current fitness level and track your progress in an effort to help you meet your fitness goals. Assessments are recommended prior to beginning an exercise program and throughout the progression of your exercise routine.

Our nutrition assessments use state-of-the-art nutrition software to help you discover the best diet and meal plan for you. Your assessment will include a comprehensive and personalized meal plan, recipes, shopping list and portion guide.

Take advantage of programs and events that offer free fitness and nutrition information to get the most out of your time and budget!


A variety of wellness programs and services are offered throughout the semester in partnership with other departments. Sun Devil Fitness offers nutrition education, massage therapy, mindfulness and much more to help sun devils be well devils.