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Locker Rentals


The Sun Devil Fitness Complex provides rental and day-use lockers as a secure place for members and guests to store their belongings. Rental lockers come with locks. Contact your campus SDFC for details on how to rent a locker.

Locker Rental Procedures and Policies

ASU students, faculty/staff and annual alumni members may rent one locker for the semester.

  1. You must have a valid membership to rent a locker.
  2. Locker sales begin on the first day of classes each semester and expire on commencement day each semester.
  3. Locker renewal periods begin 30 days prior to commencement. Reminders will be available through email, signage throughout the SDFC and on the SDFC website. It is the sole responsibility of the locker renter to be aware of deadlines for renewals.
  4. All lockers must be renewed by the expiration date.
  5. Lockers not renewed or vacated by the expiration date will be stripped of the lock, and personal belongings will be bagged and stored in the SDFC for one semester (summer term is considered a semester).
  6. To reclaim items, patrons must present a photo ID at the equipment room and pay a $10 stripping fee.
  7. At the conclusion of the one-semester holding period, any unclaimed stripped locker items will be donated to charitable organizations or discarded, and is no longer the responsibility of the SDFC.
  8. Stripped items cannot be shipped.
  9. By renting a locker at the SDFC, the renter agrees that the SDFC is not responsible for the contents of the locker or disposal thereof. The SDFC is not responsible for the items inside the locker if the locker is left unsecured for any period of time. The renter also agrees that if his/her SDFC membership becomes invalid at any time during the rental period of the locker, SDFC staff will remove all items from the locker and will lose the rights to that locker.


  • Students: $30 per semester
  • Non-student Members: $45 per semester

Day-use Locker Policies

Select lockers are available for day use only. Be sure to bring your own lock in order to use the locker for the day. If any locks are left on day-use lockers at the end of the day, they will be cut. The contents will then be held in the SDFC and a $10 stripping fee will be assessed. Locks are available for purchase at all SDFC Front Desks.